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1) Pace yourself: Running a business and raising a family should be both treating like running a marathon. Slow and steady will win the race. In our current fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy for anyone to burn out, let alone somebody raising a family and running their own business. Do not put in the hours you cannot afford. Spending 12 hours at the office and only 2 with your family will lead to dysfunction. Find balance and stick with it, even if it affects your business’ bottom line. In the long run, it will pay off.

The 2003 college football season was the first really controversial season for the Bowl Championship Series. Three teams: LSU, Oklahoma, and USC had only one loss and had every right to play in the championship game. BCS ranked USC third in the final polls despite gaining the top spot in both the AP and Coaches’ polls. However, by being third in the BCS, they were left out of the final game. USC’s win secured a share of the national title, but they were forced to share it with LSU automatically won the Coaches’ poll by winning the BCS National Championship.

Then set a bigger longer term goal that you think you can reach. This is where you can let your mind have some fun. Think of a goal that would really help you right now. Would an extra $1000/month help your current situation? How about $5000? Set a goal that you know will take hard work to reach, but is still possible.

Oakland Raiders 5-11 For the first time in a long time, I can honestly say that I was impressed by the Raiders off-season. They dropped there bust QB and are starting over with Jimmy Clausen, who many experts believe will end up being the best QB to come out of this year’s draft class.

Golf is not an easy sport! Unlike sports like soccer, basketball, etc. where an athletic person can do fairly well at the sport once he/she knows the rules and the way the game is played, golf takes a great deal of concentration and coordination. And improving your golf game takes even more work and concentration! No matter whether you are athletic, skinny, fat, muscular, or a twig (like me!), your first couple games of golf are not going to be very pretty! So don’t give up!

As well one of the Cinderella tours came to NC State with AC/DC to play our old basketball arena, Reynold’s Coliseum. Before the show I sat on the AC/DC tour bus as the bass player tried to explain cricket to me as we watched a taped match on the bus TV and consumed various consumables of a smoky and perhaps illegal nature. And yes, Angus was wearing green shorts, white shirt, tie and suit jacket during the entire event.

What the parents didn’t understand is that “musical chairs” has a fundamental flaw as a children’s game. It is human nature to want to be part of “the group,” and musical chairs is all about breaking the group down. Sally wasn’t crying because she lost. She was crying because she was being forcibly separated from the other kids. The adults didn’t get it, but the kids did.

The Patriots have been one of the top NFL teams in the last 12 years. The 49ers will once again be in primetime for a Sunday Night Football game. Defensively, the 49ers will be facing Tom Brady and Wes Welker who are two of the best NFL players in the game today. Harbaugh will be tested against Patriots head coach Bill Belichick in managing a game. The 49ers would tell the NFL that they’re ready to be contenders if they defeat a quality AFC opponent in the Patriots.

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