Proper Soccer Equipments Are A Must During A Game

David Beckham, international soccer star, tore his Achilles tendon recently while on loan from the U.S. Galaxy Team to the AC Milan Italy team. He had repair surgery done in Turku, Finland a few days later, performed by famed orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sakari Orava. He is reported recovering nicely.

Think about when you were young. If you tried to play football, you would not know how to tackle properly if you were not coached. Would Michael Jordan know how to play basketball the way he did if he was not coached the right way? Would Joe Montana be one of the best quarterbacks ever if he was not taught the proper mechanics when he was new to the game? These professionals did not learn their skills themselves, they were taught them.

So we’ll we see a full lineup with all the big guns tonight? Probably not. And with the need for points Saturday and a trophy on the line next week, the argument can be fairly made that tonight’s match is the least important of the three.

On the other hand, boundaries can also be misused and turned into walls and fences. We’ll quickly feel indignant, have very clear ideas of what’s right and wrong without any grey areas, and have no problem vocalizing our opinion. We end up wondering why others don’t let us get emotionally close and feel isolated, but we’re not always aware that it’s because of those walls we put up. I’ve seen this lead to years of pain, even a sense of bitterness and resentment towards others.

There’s a HUGE difference between excellence and perfection. Frankly, the One who was perfect gave His life for the rest of us who could never hit the mark.

The answer is really very simple! Recently, I was speaking to a group of soccer coaches recently about soccer-specific strength and fitness training. The seminar went well and I thought all the questions had been answered when, from somewhere in the back, someone asked my opinion concerning the use of small sided soccer coaching techniques instead of traditional soccer drills. Well, he did it, he asked my opinion! During the next 45 minutes, we discussed all aspects of the small sided game technique, pros and cons, and I have to tell you, it was a heated discussion.

The dark horse in the race may be Stanford’s Toby Gerhart, the second running back in the race. Gerhart didn’t lead his team to a BCS title shot, but carried them on his back to a rare winning season. If the 2009 Heisman race is for the most valuable player to a team, then Gerhart may have a leg up.

The bottom line is, this may be your old home, but you need to make it feel like a new home for someone else. Spend a little time cleaning your space and a little money making sure that it is on trend. A little sprucing up goes a long way!

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