Soccer And Brain Fitness

Jimmy Clausen certainly seems to have the swagger of a champion. He has spent an ample amount of time saying the right things around the Carolina Panthers training sessions, and the Panthers have not said a whole lot about who will be leading the Panthers into the 2010 season. They named Matt Moore as the starter during the offseason, but that was before they used their top draft pick to draft Notre Dame product Jimmy Clausen. Since then, they have been largely quiet about who will lead the Panthers.

Now I’m not always a fan of the heroes Hollywood lifts up for us, but let me point out a few that definitely inspire me and better yet – cause me to spend a little time thinking about how I can improve myself.

Frank thanks God every day that he has the wife he has, because he knows that everything at home will be managed. Over dinner, he talks to his family about their day and tells them about his. While his wife gets the kids in the bath, he makes it a goal to do one home task, whether it’s pulling some weeds, scooping the gutters, sweeping the walkway, mowing the yard, or re-hanging a door. He wishes he had more time to spend with his family, but he knows they have his wife, and that makes him smile.

Silberman started her kicking career as a club soccer player at Wisconsin. Out on the field Sunday she looked to be having trouble keeping the football on the kicking tee. The history making kicker held back the tears when speaking to the media after her tryout ended so abruptly.

This idea of the natural golf swing is not some hocus-pocus, but is based on sound science that has been developed through observation of athletes in football, baseball, golf, tennis, and most major Olympic sports.

Green Bay Packers 11-5 The Packers will have an excellent team this year. They have been getting better each year and this could be the year that they make a run at the Super Bowl.

If you don’t have a backyard, consider the other places you could play as a family. Is there a park you could go to, perhaps the one practices and/or games are held at? Is your street quiet enough? There should be someplace you can go together to get some play time in.

Give thanks to your family’s health this year. Give time to preserving it. Eat, drink, and be merry. Wash, sanitize, and avoid. Have fun being close with your family. Just not too close.

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