Who Wants To Be A Soccer Star?

I have spent my time surrounded by wives of all different walks of life. At my children’s school, at church, at the grocery store, at the gas station, anywhere in this world that you could go, you will found someone who is a wife. I myself am a wife.

The victory does give the Americans confidence that they can win in Mexico. Not just the scrappy and determined team that traveled there but all the U.S. players around the world now know that they can win.

We will all kick back to watch Detroit and Oakland pull off the upsets. (Go Underdogs!!) We will enjoy chips and nuts; out of individual Dixie Cups. Please don’t pass the salsa. High Fives are out too. How about an elbow bump? Touch football in the backyard? Involves too much touching for me. How about Eye-Spy instead?

Christmas is coming and you have to start thinking what gifts to give for those hunks that are close to your heart. And to begin with, there are few things that should be considered. First, consider their interest. Know what are the things that they always after to during their break time and weekend, or the things that they would love to have and related to their hobbies. This will simplify the entire process of gift-giving and lead you to better gift ideas. Such ideal gifts for him will fascinate you and your recipient with their amazing features.

I would feel the same if I could grasp and touch something Jesus touched. It is the Human connection with the persons of history that so attracts and spellbinds me to the people and events that make up the Human amalgam.

Do you have some relatives that you don’t see very often, but are less than a few hours away by car? Visit them and reconnect. Take along games, photo albums, and have some good, old fashioned family fun. Stage a football, baseball, soccer or basketball game, with a little rivalry between families, or kids against the adults. Start a family tradition with a “trophy” of some sort, awarding it to the family that wins the most games, etc.

Without boring you with the details, the recent economic downturn has impacted the lives of my wife and me just as it has many others, but we are not moved nor shaken. Why? Because our emphasis is not on US. It’s God and others. This simply MUST be the way that Christians should live for it’s the example set for us by our King Jesus. Good thing our money is not where we’d placed our hope. Had it been, we would have been hopeless.

As a result of the Perry Hall forfeit, James Hubert Blake High School automatically advances to the regional semifinals, to play against either Westminster High School or Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.

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