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Soccer is one of the best games there is. It is the most popular game in the world. Two teams, eleven players per team and one ball. It originated in China and the rules have changed several times since then.

In the early 1970’s I had friends who were minor players in the music world. In 1973 a buddy asked me and my best pal if we wanted to go on the road with a band. They were new and not yet really famous. They were called “Lynyrd Skynyrd.” I refused the offer because I was in love with Kathy Proctor and could not bear to be away from her. So I missed this brush with fame, partying and all the attendant excesses of the 1970’s, but I was on a personal mission to make up for that, and I did to!

soccer is just more fun for my son because we take an interest. My husband and I take turns taking him to practice, and we all go to his games. Even grandparents come up for the occasional game. It’s a great way to encourage interest in a sport he is beginning to love, and already likes quite well.

My brother-in-law coaches a youth football team and has a play that he runs every so often when he comes across certain competition. He describes it as ‘acting or faking’ but I know what he really means. He uses it when they play teams that haven’t scored a touchdown or are getting blown out. He tries to create a positive for the opposing team’s kids and also teach his players something. He has several stories of games played where this play was called and it made the other team’s season. He lets his kids know that football is not the most important thing and he shows them that by his actions.

If Real win, I tip them as favorites against both of their potential opponents. If Dortmund should somehow pull the upset, I see them as the underdogs against both of their potential opponents.

Artworks by young contemporary artists are displayed at the BGC Offsite Gallery. Some of the exhibits, like “Ang Supremo” by Ben-Hur G. Villanueva, pay tribute to BGC’s namesake Andres Bonifacio.

If I had to go on talent alone, I would pick Clemson to run away with the ACC this year. However, the way that the Tigers have played in the recent past has to figure into the equation. Until Clemson proves that they can show up and be competitive every Saturday, especially when they play the big boys, they have to be considered a second tier team in the ACC.

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