Who Wants To Be A Soccer Star?

The first female to tryout for the NFL has her historic bid end in injury. Lauren Silberman’s NFL tryout lasted for two kicks and neither traveled further than 20 yards, according to Channel 5 ABC News on Monday, March 4, 2013. The female kicker was homebound after that with an injury.

What an amazing gift the foster mom is giving to these little girls! Having someone teach them boundaries is essential not only for their physical well-being, but also for their emotional safety and happiness. Boundaries keep us safe, both physically and emotionally, because they let us know what to welcome in and what to keep out. Essentially, it’s the power of “no!” and “yes!”.

The successful ones show up to family gatherings not to reminisce about warm summer days filled with swimming, sun and watermelon as much as to talk up the latest features of their new ultra sleek, Rambo-tough, multi-featured, video and text messaging monster of a cell phone. They miss most of their children’s soccer practices and have a terrible deadline that must be met which of course precludes them from going to the spring concert in which seven year old Samantha will be singing her rendition of “We Are Family” sung in true Sister Sledge style.

The fact of the matter is, United need a win – any win. A big-time football coach I used to cover always talked about how “confidence is the result of demonstrated performance.” United haven’t demonstrated much positive performance of late, and it seems to show in the team’s play.

If one parent stops working how can they pay these expenses? Working at home can help families make extra money. This could be just a little bit. Every little bit helps.

These questions are important to ask of ourselves, but what is even more important is our ability to affect change when we’re not in a place where we’re happy with our relationships. The foster mom I spoke of earlier also spends a great deal of time with Cady and Ginny’s mom, to teach her the same thing she is teaching the kids: Healthy boundaries. This is part of the journey of getting her children back into her care. It will allow her to take responsibility, to set clear rules for the kids, and to love and care for them.

All those things do not bother me in the least. Because all those things mean my husband is home. We do not fight over simple things like that, for the bigger picture is much more complicated. My husband is not perfect, but he has our best intentions at heart. Over the years, he has missed my birthday, a few Christmas’s, the children birthdays, even our anniversary. He hasn’t seen a single soccer game of the kids, and has managed to miss every play and every concert too. Sometimes, I do not see my husband for months at a time, and sometimes he will not call for weeks. Through all of this I am sure you are asking yourself, why not leave him?

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